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I am an architect/interior designer who worked with Bridgford Construction on several projects.

I have had the fortune of working with Chris Bridgford and Bridgford Construction on several large scale architectural/construction projects over the past 7 years. Aside from being dependable, conscientious and reliable, Chris is truly a partner in the design of the project. His skill in construction and in project execution ensure that the final product not only meets design intent, but exceeds it. His attention to detail and finding the right subcontractors for difficult tasks make him an invaluable part of the team.

Chris is always available to collaborate on field issues and is always ready to offer cost effective solutions to unseen problems that can arise, particularly in remodel projects. He is the perfect balance of knowledge, experience and integrity. I recommend him for any scale construction project. He is an integral part of making sure the entire team works toward the common goal of project success.

Dr. John Heinlein

Stop searching for your General Contractor. You have found him.  You simply cannot do better than Bridgford Construction.  Chris has done several major projects for me and we are 120% satisfied with the results.  

- Incredible quality.  Chris does not cut corners, his goal is a top-notch result.  He holds his subcontractors to a high standard and insists they deliver quality work.  Subcontractors are not perfect, but a good general contractor like Chris transforms them to perfection by detailed oversight. What's better, costs of mistakes by subcontractors are not passed on to you, instead he holds them accountable for their work.  Besides, Chris has a network of subcontractors who do fantastic work.  And finally, for the most critical parts of the job, he does the work himself, and the results show.

- Attention to detail.  He anticipates problems and fixes them in advance, and assures everything is perfect.  The alignment of the cabinets, tile, molding, trim, doors, windows, hardwood...everything...in my project exceeded my expectations. And my expectations were high!

- Trustworthy. The typical experience with a general contractor is wondering when things will go wrong, when there would be cost overruns, when you would have to argue.  There was never any such experience with Chris across all my projects.  Completely flexible, professional, and trustworthy at all times.

- Cost effective.  Chris delivered an amazing result, but was cost competitive.  As a small operation, his overheads are lower and he achieves a quality result at a competitive price. 

- Communicative. Chris kept me informed at all times and gave me recommendations and suggestions for what we might do differently to save time, cost, or improve the result.

- On time.  We had a tight deadline for our major rennovation and Chris delivered on time, even working long hours to finish the last details.  The goal we set was almost unreasonable and yet he achieved the complex project, at amazing quality, within our tight deadline.  


Elizabeth Adkison

Bridgford Construction was the BEST CHOICE we could have made regarding a large renovation / restoration project at our house. Our situation was unique in that our house had a significant fire. We initially selected an insurance recommended contractor who then bailed on the job. That's when Bridgford rescued my family and our house from a horrible situation by his willingness to take on our job.

Chris Bridgford, his direct staff (Alejandro, Caesar and others) and his team of sub-contractors are all incredibly professional and a pure pleasure to work with during a remodeling and building process. Chris personally managed the job site well and was incredibly communicative to us throughout the entire remodeling and renovation process - which cost well over $250K. 

Bridgford's team performed very high quality work on time and within budget. I was super impressed with his team of sub-contractors, which is key to having superior quality renovation and remodeling work. I would not hesitate to use Bridgford Construction again and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a superior contractor who delivers great work on time and within budget.

Tim Hughan

Bridgford Construction took our unimproved since the 1950s Willow Glen home to studs and on to a completely rebuilt, modern home. His workmanship and attention to detail were superb and his management of his crew and subs was excellent throughout the project. His crew keeps a clean and safe job site and was welcoming during the many job site visits. Project included all new interiors, electrical, plumbing, exterior finishing, molding, etc. Very good and responsive communicator. Would hire them again in a minute.

Steven Wong

We found Bridgford Construction through our interior design company. We are really glad that we did.

Bridgford Construction did a remodel of our family room, entry way, and main hallway. This included hardwood floors, slate floors, a slate fireplace, lighting, cabinetry, sky lights, and painting. We are extremely satisfied with the results of the project. Chris Bridgford, his crew, and all of his sub-contractors were top-level craftsmen that were very pleasant and very easy to deal with. 

During the project I was very impressed by the condition of my home at the end of each work day. The Bridgford crew spent a good deal of time at the end of every day vacuuming, sweeping, and wiping down surfaces so that we never had to live with the dust and debris associated with construction.

The project was completed on time. In fact, the project was completed EXACTLY on time. The project was started in the Fall and we needed to have it completed by the time that our kids and grand kids came home for Thanksgiving. As the deadline approached, Chris made sure that the project remained on-schedule with absolutely NO compromises in the quality of the work. Final clean up and inspection was completed the day before Thanksgiving. At the start of the project, the plan needed to be approved by the city of Saratoga. We were told that the plan needed to be drawn by the city's architect and then submitted for approval. This would have set the project back a couple of weeks while we waited for the architect to complete the drawings. Instead of accepting this delay, Chris drew up the plans himself and personally took them to the city offices for approval. Plans approved. Schedule maintained.

Chris Bridgford is a perfectionist which is something that you want in someone remodeling your home. An example... After the family room was painted, Chris came in to inspect the work and informed the crew that the trim was the wrong color shade (it looked fine to me). The crew doing the painting checked the specs from the interior designers and the labels on the paint cans and showed us that the names matched. Chris still insisted that the color was off and sent one of his guys to the paint store to investigate. The paint store evaluated the color and determined that the formula for mixing the pigments for that paint were incorrect in the computer program that makes the paint. They further discovered that the color had been off for over a year over a large geographical area and Chris was the first one to notice the discrepancy.

I believe that the biggest testimony to the quality of someone's work is when someone chooses to use them again. A year after the above project was completed we had Bridgford Construction remodel one of our bathrooms. Again, a beautiful job done on-time and on-budget. Our next project will be a remodel of the master bedroom and master bath and we are planning on having Bridgford Construction do all of the work.

Jodi Raich

We were very happy with the result of our kitchen remodel using Bridgford Construction. We wanted to update a small outdated kitchen and make it brighter and bigger. Chris and his staff were extremely knowledgeable and were able to make suggestions on things that I had not thought of before. They were very timely and kept the worksite clean throughout the entire duration of our project (which was great because we didn't move out during construction). I would highly recommend Bridgford Construction for your next remodel job. In fact we will be doing our bathroom remodel with him next! 

Alex Gelber

In spring 2013 my wife and I hired Chris Bridgford to remodel two rooms of our home in Los Gatos, CA. Chris was recommended by our interior designer, Pamela Pennington Studios.

The redesign consisted of a complete remodel of our living room and adjacent family room. The scope of work included total replacement of the ceilings, installation of new recessed lighting, new sheet rock for the walls and new hardwood floors. A new, larger sliding door was installed leading to our outdoor deck. Built in book shelves and cabinets were installed on two walls, and a new facade for the fireplace was built . The old wood burning fireplace was replaced with gas, which required installing a new gas line.

Chris also upgraded electrical and plumbing work throughout the house and installed a new entry door.

Chris Bridgford is without any doubt the best contractor I have ever worked with. The project progressed according to schedule without cost overruns. He was always courteous and punctual. He has a great sense of style and contributed several ideas, both esthetic and functional. His crew was pleasant and respectful of the fact that my wife and I were living in the house throughout the remodel. Chris monitored carefully the progress of his subcontractors and had them redo work when necessary.

I would highly recommend Chris Bridgeford to anyone wishing to remodel their home or build a new residence!

Hugh McIntyre

Chris's company worked on a job to restore a fire-damaged laundry room and split this into a smaller laundry room and half-bathroom, as well as installing a utility sink in a basement.

Overall the quality of the finished job was excellent. both during the job and when finalizing the plans beforehand, Chris was very good and knowledgeable all along with good suggestions on what things would work well in terms of details of the design as well as some cost saving ideas, including for example details such as having a contact to manufacture a very specific custom door moulding to match a unique design in my house, which most contractors won't easily do.

I was very happy with the overall work and definitely recommend Chris, who is one of only two contractors I would use again (and the one other than Chris is no longer working). I will say that Chris was not quite the cheapest bid and, unlike many contractors, Chris has a company with multiple employees and multiple parallel jobs, which means that Chris tends to supervise the jobs while the employees do most of the work (this is good, not bad). But I would definitely say you get what you pay for in terms of the quality of the job and having it handled efficiently.

The only reservation to be aware of is that, on a few occasions, it was hard to get in touch with Chris on the phone in particular because of him being busy. But this did no really hurt the job and Chris was always in touch when really needed, so except for this minor issue I was very happy and there were no complaints.

Definitely very strongly recommended, and I will try to use Chris again if I have future construction jobs.

Darcelle Dunn

Chris created perfection from studs to finished product! He started on 10/4/2011 and finished on 12/22/2011, just in time for Christmas. Chris and his team were always professional and made good use of their time. There was a full court press right before the promised Christmas deadline and Chris did not disappoint. Delivered on time and more important on budget. His ideas on how to use every inch of a small space has served my family.

I have recommended Chris to my family and friends

Kat H

We have a smaller house that was slightly updated when we bought it. We felt there was a lot of room for improvement and wanted to make it ours. Chris gave great input and helped us figure out what was possible and made suggestions we hadn't thought of. We didn't do a full remodel rather made improvements in each room. The result exceeded our expectations.
We highly recommend Bridgford Construction!


Chris and his crew are by far THE BEST team you can every have working with you be it a small or a huge project. I trust no other team to work on or do any sort of remodel project on my house. Chris is beyond knowledgeable, respects your home and your needs, his team is friendly, skilled, and everything is cleaned up properly as work is completed. Chris' vision and problem solving skills are superior and he authentically cares about not only the project, but your happiness and the improvement of your home. We have had more than one project completed; I do not have the dates handy at the time of this review.


I am an architect and have worked with Chris on many different project types and sizes.

Both his performance and dedication are without comparison. The care he delivers to his projects, the construction, the budget, and the time are that which every homeowner wants and deserves.

I recommend him without hesitation - and trust all my clients when I refer them to Chris and Bridgford Construction, that they'll be well taken care of and the project delivered above expectation.

Pamela Pennigton Studios

Coming from a designer’s point of view, working with a contractor like Chris has been a joy. Communication is key in our industry and Chris makes it easy by being open, honest, and clear from beginning to end. We feel comfortable referring our clients to him because we know they will be in good hands and their project will be finished with careful execution. When our client comes away happy, we are happy. We have enjoyed working with him in the past, and look forward to working with him in the future.

Julie Biagini

Chris Bridgford has done several projects at our home, and all have been done very well and with the highest quality - on time, in budget, and with professionalism. He also holds his subcontractors to the same level of care and quality, and stands behind his and their work. I highly recommend Bridgford Construction, without reservation.

Melinda Heinlein

Bridgford Construction is amazing! They built the kitchen of our dreams. The attention to detail was unparalleled....and they were on time and on budget. I would recommend them (and do!) to anyone.

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